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 A lot of you have asked me what are my favourite brushes to use for makeup! So I decided to do a post of my current favourites! I must say brushes are one of the most important things in makeup application, if you have bad quality brushes, then your makeup won't look as perfect as it could look and it usually takes even more time to do it! Of course not everyone wants to buy the most expensive brushes, but these days there are so many companies that sell great quality brushes for affordable prices! For me I love good quality brushes! I love to invest in them as I know they will last me for a long time! I'm a sucker for soft and cute brushes! If I see a different shape of a brush that I don't have, I immediately buy it, as I always want to find something better! So far some of my favourite brushes are from Mac, Tom Ford and Make up For Ever!
If you want affordable and amazing quality brushes I would definitely check Sigma , Makeup Geek Real Techniques and Morphe Brushes. They are amazing! 

I have about 100 brushes now and I did have even more!, but I gave some to my sister! I constantly buy new ones as I just love them! It's a serious problem actually! there are so many brushes I would love to try like Hakuhodo brushes, as they are super luxurious! But so far I'm very pleased with my brushes and I love how they work and how they make my makeup application fast and easy. 

Below are my daily brushes that I use and take with me everywhere! I also have some other brushes to show you that are slightly more affordable and have great quality! I won't be showing you my whole collection as it's too much!, but here are the ones worth talking about!

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1. My favourite foundation brush is EVE LOM kabuki brush. I absolutely love how it applies the foundation. to me kabuki brushes are truly the best! They give a seamless, streak free and full coverage application.
2. This is a Tom Ford brush nr 02, is actually for cream foundation, but I love to use it for cream bronzer/contour. I use it with my Chanel Tan De soleil and it truly gives a perfect finish. It blends so good and it has a perfect size for underneath the cheeks.
3. This brush from Tom Ford nr 06 is a perfect blush brush! I love the size and the fact that the bristles are quite dense. You can easily use this for bronzer also.These Tom Ford brushes are definitely the softest brushes i own! 
4. This is a bronzer brush nr 05 again from Tom Ford. It is very big so I love to use it for all over bronzer application. It can also be used for powder.
5. This is a Make Up For Ever 128 brush that I use for powder. It has a slightly different shape, and I really like it. It's super soft and it picks the product nicely. I think this Make Up for Ever collection is really good! I'm definitely getting more of their brushes. I actually have a flat foundation brush from this collection but I don't really use it.
6. Ok this is not a brush but it's definitely my favourite tool to apply concealer under the eyes and set it! I tried so many brushes, but most of them leave streaks and you have to blend the concealer with your finger afterwards. This little sponge is a definite must for everyone. I did a full review on it  here if you want to check that out.
7. This is a Mac duo fiber brush in 187. I actually don't use it that often but I love it for blending out any harsh lines on my face or to apply translucent powder.
8. This Mac 188 brush is my all time fave for applying BB cream. It's nice and soft and it's perfect for light coverage products. 
9. This Mac 130 brush is great for applying cream blush or even using for under eye concealer. I use it for cream contour when I use Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Almond. I just love how it blends the product and it's very small.
10. This is a Charlotte Tilbury powder and sculpt brush. I mainly use it for highlight. It's very soft and fluffy.
11. This is a Make Up For Ever mini highlight brush in 144. I like this for days when i just want to do a very small / precision highlight.
12. This is a Nars ITA brush and my must brush ever! This is everything! Most perfect contour brush ever! It has that straight design which gives a perfect contour line, but then it's very nice and fluffy, so it's perfect for blending and leaving you with a fast and easy contour application.


13. Mac 112 - this is a perfect lower lash line brush. I use it for applying dark colours.
14. Mac 219 - this a great pencil brush to smudge liner or lower lash line.
15. Mac 217 - I have two of those and I'm defo getting more as this is my favourite brush for eyes, and a definite must! I use it for applying colours in the crease, blending, all over shadow.
16. Mac 239 - this is a perfect shadow on the lid brush! It's very nice and dense, and it picks up the products very nicely.
17. Mac 224 - this is another must brush for me. It's a blending brush. I love to use this for applying my transition colour to the crease.
18. Mac 195 - this is a concealer brush, but I use it for cleaning up my brows. it's perfect for that, as it's slightly round and very dense.
19. Bdellium tools 540 - this is a very small concealer brush, I like to use this for spot concealing or cleaning up my lips. I actually had the whole pink set from Bdellium tools but I really didn't like the quality of most of the brushes. I gave most of them to my sister and have few left, this is one of them as I still like it!
20. Make up for ever 274 - this is a brow brush that I love to use with powders. it has a very small end which I love! and of course a spooly. I also really love Anastasia Beverly hills brush for eyebrows
21. Make up for ever 258 - this is my favourite eyeliner brush, it's so tiny and very thin at the side so it gives the most perfect liner. 
22. Make up for ever 228 - I love this brush for applying pigments or loose shadows on my eye, it's made of synthetic bristles so it really great for that.
23. Make up for ever 300 - this is a lip brush which I really like to use for perfect lipstick application or with NARS Chelsea girl lip lacquer.
24. Louise Young LY13 - this is a very mini pencil brush that I love for applying my inner corner highlight. It's perfect for that.
25. Sephora 18 - this is a small shader brush I  use for my lower lash line.
26. Louise Young LY38 - I love to use this brush for applying dark colours in the crease as it's very pointed and it fits right in there.
72. Real Techniques deluxe crease brush - I use this brush for applying my eye primer, as it has the perfect size, its very dense and it blends really well.
29. ( EXTRA) Mac 221 - I haven't done a picture of this brush as I only just got it, but I had to include it in this post as I'm totally obsessed with it! It's a nice small crease brush perfect to apply darker colours. it's like a mini version on 224, but more dense and softer.

My Other Brushes / Dupes

This is a great dupe for my Eve Lom kabuki brush, is basically the same but much cheaper. Bdellium brush in 957 and Sigma flat kabuki brush F80. 

These two are perfect dupes for my Charlote Tilbury highlight brush, Real Techniques contour brush and Sigma F35 highlight brush. They are all amazing for contour/highlight/setting under eye area.

Great dupes for my bronzer and powder brush are Real Techniques big powder brush, blush brush and Sephora #59, they are all great to use for both.

Those two blush brushes are a great dupe for my Tom Ford blush brush. Sephora natural foundation brush 111, which is totally not for foundation and a little more classic blush brush from Sephora in 73.

Sephora contour brush #74 and Real Techniques are great to use for contour

These are Real Techniques duo fiber brushes that are a really nice dupe for Mac ones.  

Sigma E30 is a nice dupe for Mac pencil brush.

Sigma E25 is very similar to Mac 217 but of course much cheaper.

Another great dupe for Mac 224 brush is Sigma E35, perfect blending brush.

A very good alternative for Mac shadow brush is Sephora small shadow 15.

Great dupe for Louise Young is Sigma E45 Small tapered blending.

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