Friday Fragrance - Chloe Love Story

Hi everyone!

'See' by Chloe is one of my favourite perfumes out there! I recenly got a chance to try out the new Chloe fragrance - Love Story! It launched in September last year, so it's still quite new. It has a similar feel to the other Chloe perfumes and I really like it! It's a very fresh, floral clean fragrance. I love it for day time! 
The main note is Neroli which makes it very fresh, middle notes are orange blossom and stephanotis (jasmine). It's base notes are musk and cedar.

It has a very feminine feel! and it lasts quite well on me. I also adore the bottle, inspired by the love padlocks in Paris!, it's very classy and I love the fact that it has my name on it!! :D

If you love those clean scents, then you will definitely love this one! It's super wearable and not too overpowering. I think the name suits this perfume perfectly! A true Love Story... <3

Thanks for checking.
Laura x 

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Obsession with Books said...

Leu De Chloe and Roses De Chloe are my favourite fragrances so I am quite curious about Love Story. I am in Australia and I haven't seen it as yet but I hope to soon.

A lovely review.


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