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Hi everyone!

I wanted to try L'occitane products for quite some time now, as I always heard good things about them! I must say it took me a while! I always was passing by, trying to smell the products, but they never really sold me! and so I just tended to ignore them!

Anyway I finally got some of the 'Amande' almond range products and I'm totally obsessed! With skin/body care I'm all about stuff that smells good! I can't stand putting products on my face or body that don't have a nice smell, and I must say this smell is just so beautiful/luxurious it makes you feel like you're in a spa! I don't know how I could live without it now! I did a post about my favourite body care a while back, and I still like the Laura Mercier body products, but I must say this is just on another level! My new favourite by far!......
Thanks for checking.
Laura x

Milk Concentrate - this body cream is probably the most amazing, most luxurious, soft body cream I've ever tried. It smells divine!, it's so easy to apply, and it just melts into your skin like milk! The name says it all! I'm obsessed and I went thorough half of the jar already! It is enriched with almond extracts which helps the skin look firmer and smoother while bringing 48 hours of hydration. It's great for cellulite and it tightens the skin. My skin has never felt this soft and smooth! It's truly beautiful! I also love the fact that it dries immediately so you can dress straight after and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy. The jar itself it's super gorgeous and luxurious, I just don't know if it's good for travelling as it's a glass! but because I'm that obsessed I got a cute mini size of these products at the airport, so I can use it while I'm here in the UK!

Shower Oil -  I didn't know what to think about this product when the girl in the shop said 'oh some people don't really like it as it's not really foamy!' I wasn't sure if I was going to like that, as I'm all about that foam in the shower! Well the smell sold me and I had to try it alongside the body milk! Oh well what can I say!..... I went thorough the whole bottle now and I need to get the biggest size available as I'm in love! Forget about foam, imagine washing your body with milk! Much more Cleopatra like grin emoticon This shower oil transforms into smooth milk consistency when you apply it to your body. It has a little bit of a foam effect but not too much. It's so soft and luxurious I actually don't want to leave the shower when I use it! It cleanses beautifully, leaving you with the most gorgeous soft, fresh skin and of course skin that smell is absolutely amazing afterwards! I will not go back to normal shower gels after using this, that's for sure! I want to try the body scrub from that range as well!

 Supple Skin Oil - this gorgeous oil is another new favourite! It's very light and it doesn't leave you greasy, which I hate! as I can't stand putting oil all over my body and going to bed. This is just soo beautiful! It has more then 50% of almond oil, as well as camelina oil, which makes your skin extremely soft and nourished. I love to use this together with the milk concentrate. The smell of this is too beautiful to describe, I would suggest you go to the L'occitane shop and smell it for yourself! This is definitely my favourite body oil!

I don't know what else to say about these products other than I love love love love them!!! - I will continue to repurchase all of them and I'm also doing a separate review about the hand cream! which I also adore! so stay tuned for that!



Unknown said...

Nice post and great style

From Romania with love

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Amazing Review!

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that style was so very lovely
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