How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller & Bigger

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do another beauty post, as I tend to do more fashion!

Many of you might think that I have had my lips enhanced in some way!, but the truth is I haven't! I'm too scared to do anything like that really! I basically use different makeup tricks to make them look a lot bigger! - and of course they are not that small to start with!, so it's easier for me.

One of the coolest ways to make your lips more plump is to exfoliate them - you can either use a regular tooth brush or a lip scrub. It makes them really smooth and instantly bigger.

Here I will show you few of my favourite tricks and products that I use to make my lips look more plump and fuller. 

I personally don't use all of these techniques all at once, because that would be a bit too much for me! and then I really would look like I've had some work done to my lips! But I always use a lip liner which makes a huge difference. 

Hope you like it and thanks for checking.
Laura x

How I Contour And Highlight

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to show you how I contour and highlight. These steps are one of the most important things when doing makeup - well at least in my opinion! and especially when doing more heavy makeup. 

Contouring and highlighting makes such a huge difference to your makeup. It makes your face look thinner and it also defines and enhances your features.

I always contour and highlight no matter how much makeup I have on. On a daily basis I contour more softly using mainly powders because it's quicker for me, but sometimes I like using creams and doing a very defined contour, especially when I'm going out or if I have a heavy eye makeup on. 

So this look is quite intense! and not an everyday contour for sure, but it's great for bringing out your cheekbones, slimming your nose and to sculpt your face subtlety. Perfect for an event or a night out.
Hope you like it.

Laura x

The Colour Of Spring

Hi everyone! 

I'm back! after a little blog break! As "spring has sprung",but it's still quite cold here in the UK!, I wanted to do a warm and simple look, but with a bit of colour to it!

I always tend to wear black quite a lot while I'm in UK, but I think it's fun to give your outfit some colour!

I love this lemony yellow! and I think this jumper is an amazing way to give you a great pop of colour to your outfit. It's so soft and comfortable to wear, I love it! I have one in black as well! 

Here I paired it with some simple black trousers and black heels.

Thanks for checking 
Laura x

Tights & Boots Combo

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to show you another one of my favourite outfits to wear while I'm in the UK. I'm so in love with these Aztec print tights! I love pairing them with high knee boots and shorts. It's just a really great outfit that looks very stylish and sexy. 

To make this look stand out, I wore this great faux fur stole, which I absolutely adore! It has a really great colour and it looks quite expensive! This piece can make any simple outfit look really great and sophisticated!

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

Casual In The UK

Hi everyone!

If your a regular follower of my blog, you are used to seeing me wearing more summery outfits! , but here I am in the UK right now and I thought I'd show you some of my winter / colder climate looks while I'm here!

That day was really warm and sunny so I decided to wear my leather shorts and leather jacket, both from Zara. I love wearing this combination with these suspender tights. I think it looks very stylish and sexy. 

To match this outfit perfectly I'm wearing my favourite flat boots. I like wearing flat boots while I'm in UK since I walk a lot! They are really tight fitting and very comfortable, I love them!

To give a bit of colour to this outfit I'm wearing this green crop top and green earrings. And of course my favourite bag! ;)

Hope you like this look and stay tuned for more.

Thanks for checking.
Laura x     


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