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Hi everyone!

I wanted to do a quick review of the original Beauty Blender, as it's something I can't live without! and it's a total must for me and definitely for those of you who love makeup!

It actually took me a while to get it! probably like most of you, I was thinking what do I need this sponge for!! I got some cheaper dupes of it before I got the original one! I did like them, but I wasn't blown away! The sponge was harder and some of them didn't even expand while damp!
Anyway at that time you could only get it online or from ebay and I'm not a big fan of getting things online anymore!, especially here in Dubai when things might never even reach you! I then found this amazing little shop in the Oasis Mall in Dubai, that sells all pro makeup from the USA. I was so excited when I saw the beauty blender! I got it straight away! Now they also sell it at Sephora, so it's very handy!

Since getting that magic tool I really cannot travel anywhere without it! and it's my daily staple in my makeup kit! It's super soft and when it's damp it expands to a bigger size and it becomes squishy and lovely! I use it mainly for my under eye concealer, as it blends beautifully and the egg shape is just so perfect for that! It doesn't leave any streaks and it's truly the quickest way to do your under eye concealer. I also then use it to set it, with translucent powder! I don't really use it to apply foundation as it gives very natural coverage and I prefer full coverage! ;) but it's amazing for any of you who like to have that glowing natural finish!

At the moment I have 3 pink ones and 2 black ones! - they are all the same but just different colours! When it comes to the beauty blender you do have to change it approximately every 3 months, as it loses it's powers! First of all it fades when you wash it frequently and it also becomes different in feel - slightly older but still usable! I like to wash mine after each use and in this case it's great to have more then one! For that I love to use the original blender solid soap, as it cleans the sponge very quickly and effectively! I used to use baby shampoo, but it doesn't really take all the gunk of it as the soap does!

Below I took a picture comparing a new one and an old one!, so you can see the difference! Overall I recommend this to everyone! It will make you life much easier and you will have a much faster makeup application with no streaks and a super flawless finish! I love it!
Thanks for checking.
Laura x

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Fashion Petite said...

Love your pictures so much! They are always so on point!
Love Lynda


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