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Hi everyone!

A while ago I went to try a Beauty Angel Facial at Cryo Health! and previously I also did a review on my blog before of the Glow facial and body treatment here if you haven't see it! I seriously love Cryo Health! it is so different to other treatments, yet so effective!

The Beauty Angel facial is similar to the glow facial, but it's longer and it involves Infrared light as well as the -140C pressurized air!

Infrared light technology has so many great benefits! It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps with production of collagen and makes your skin visibly soft and smooth!   

The facial started with a good cleansing and a scrub. I then had a mask put on my face. It was one of those translucent masks!, so while I had it on, the Infrared light was then directed on to my face for 15 minutes. I had my eyes well protected, so I didn't see or feel anything. 

After the light had switched off, I had then the -140 C pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors (cold air) on my face for 10 minutes. It felt so good! I really love that cold air on my face actually!, it's so soothing! Last but not least I had some lovely creams put on my face with a gentle massage.

The whole treatment lasted about 35/40 minutes. I really enjoyed it!,but most of all I enjoyed the results! I literary couldn't believe how amazing my skin felt afterwards! It was super soft and hydrated, very refreshed and glowing! Many facials don't give you instant results! - you have soft skin and all that, but this facial actually makes your skin feel really good inside out! I seriously love it! It's my new favourite now! 

Below are some pictures I took! I didn't manage to take a lot and the one with the cold air is from my glow facial which allows you to wear makeup! Which is awesome by the way! If you would like to know more about the treatments - visit their website here.

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

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Fashion Petite said...

The treatment looks great! Never heard about that before :)
Love Lynda


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