My Body Secrets

Hi everyone!

I'm finally writing my body secrets post! I know it took me so long to do so! I  just never had time to sit and write about it, as there is a lot I want to share with you all!.....

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

Ok! so lets start of by saying I'm genetically skinny and pretty much always have been! I know you are all probably going to want to exit from my page after hearing this!, but I can put on weight! and I want to tell you all how I lost 11 pounds and got back in shape!! :) Because my body is naturally thin if I gain weight, it all goes in the wrong places, my face, stomach and waist, I look like I have love handles, and to me that's not cute! And I know people gonna say 'oh you are too skinny! put on weight', but I'm sorry I'm not gonna put on weight because someone tells me to do so! I know my body better then you all do, so don't try and tell me I'm anorexic as that's quite funny, I eat more then my boyfriend!!

Anyway after coming to Dubai about 3 years ago, I really didn't care what I was eating. I would go to restaurants every night and just eat junk food and not even exercise! I started putting on weight quite quickly!, basically it was right after I turned 20. I never believed that you can actually start gaining weight after you turn 20, but it happened and when I looked at my pictures I thought that's it!, I have to do something immediately! 
As I had always been skinny, it made me realise that I have to be skinny again!, and I cannot have that extra 5kg. I know for some people that's nothing, but for me it was, and I felt different, even my face was more chubby and I didn't contour then! If you look at my old pictures you will see what I mean!

When me and my sister Klaudia were modeling, we always ate the worst food, but we were super thin and never thought we would ever be bigger. Of course that wasn't the case! 
Anyway, I was never the type of person who would exercise or eat healthy so I knew I was going to struggle with trying to lose those extra pounds. I love food too much! I said to myself if I want to be confident with my body again, I will do anything it takes! You really have to be positive. Whether you want to tone your body, loose weight, or just be healthy in general. 

It was at this point that I started my routine. I would research the internet for the best exercises, I would write down in my notebook what I ate, I would check my weight every day. I took this very seriously, at times too seriously when I think about it. Stressing about loosing weight is truly the worst thing you can possibly do, because you won't loose it as fast. I remember thinking about food and exercising basically 24/7, it was controlling my life!, I couldn't do anything else. That was a mistake!, if you want to loose weight, don't think about it too much, it will come off without you even knowing!!, but of course it won't come off without some work!

I started doing daily workouts and eating 'semi' healthy. I mean 'semi' because I'm not that type of person who can just totally ditch chocolate or bread! I ate everything in moderation and small portions. That's my biggest advice to you! if you love sweets and just food in general, I always say 'eat it', but not every day.

My food plan was very basic, I would plan the exact hours when I ate, and I would eat very small portions. So it would be breakfast at 10 (as I sleep a lot), some snack/lunch at 12, another meal at 4 and then dinner in the evening. I ate porridge in the mornings, always lots of fruits in the day (bananas are my favourite) smoothies, salads or a small baguette for lunch and then a normal dinner. If I had a choice of a healthy dinner option, I would eat that, but if I had to grab something not healthy, I would eat it anyway. I was never so strict with myself. I cooked at home a lot, so it was basically pretty healthy. I would go out for dinners once a week only. 

For my workouts, I do have a gym downstairs in my building, but I'm seriously too lazy to go down there!, especially now! I went there only 3 times a week, not everyday! Only using the treadmill, as I really like running, as well as a cross trainer, which was usually a 30/40 min workout. When I was in the UK I was going for a long runs around the park. I was also doing a workout at home and it truly was the best. My favourite workouts to do at home are Tiffany Rothe workouts. They are very easy, very quick and super effective. The two workouts I was doing were 'Waist workout' which is a 10 minute routine and 'bikini abs workout' which is only 7 minutes!

These two workouts truly changed my body!, they are amazing. I pretty much lost weight because of them. I would do them in the morning when I woke up and sometimes in the evening, 6 days a week. Sometimes even every day especially in the morning. Doing these workouts made me feel good. I had energy in the morning! - I felt amazing. I got addicted to them and I was doing them for around 2 years regularly. I haven't done them in a while now, I kind of neglected them because I've been quite lazy, but I'm planning to start doing them again. When you do this workout for the first time you feel the results the next day, you are sore everywhere, especially in your waist, as this is mainly waist/abb workout. My waist is naturally quite small, but with this workout I went down from 27'' to 22''. That's when I was at my heaviest which was 57kg. I'm 52kg now and I'm happiest with this number. I'm 170cm, so it's not really that skinny! People think that I'm taller than I actually am!, but it all depends on a picture angle. I think my legs are longer than usual for my height though!

Another secret that I have for achieving a flat stomach is the Slendertone belt. I know many of you will think that's just a complete scam! and that it doesn't work. Well I thought that at the time, but then I did some research and I realized if I'm not going to try it, then I will never know. So I got it and I must say I was very impressed. I've had that thing for a long time now and it's really helped my stomach shrink! I think if I would have been eating healthier and exercising more, then I would have had a six pack by now!! this thing is really amazing! I saw a difference after 3 weeks of using it. Basically once I had food - my stomach didn't expand so much!, so I looked like I didn't have any stomach at all! There was no overhang! or looking like I'm prego!! - which is how I often used to look after a meal, before I started using it. It was just flat! even when I had the biggest meal, it just expanded as a flat stomach which I very much prefer, especially when I tend to wear tight pencil skirts very often!
This belt is something you have to get used to. You have to start on the lowest setting and work your way up, as it is quite painful and lots of people just give up on it. I haven't used it now in a year or so, but I'm planning to start using it again as I love it. You can get it anywhere, in UK they sell it at Boots or Argos, and also on eBay or Amazon. In Dubai, they sell it in big sports shops, I've seen it. There is a special one for girls and for men. I hooked everyone on it! - my sister has it, my brother has it! It's great to keep your stomach flat especially if you hate doing sit ups!

When it comes to butt workouts I did try the 30 day squat challenge, but I failed! I'm seriously the worst when it comes to workouts like this, heh! I'm trying to do it again though! Squats are truly the best to build your butt some extra muscle and doing it with weights, it's even more effective than if you would do it without. I do some squat and plunges from time to time. I like to feel the muscle pain!, it makes me motivated! Being very skinny I do have some sort of butt on me, I mean I'm not Kim Kardashian!, but nobody will mistake my front from my back! ;)

Ok so you all know now how I lost those extra kilos, it took me about a month or two and I was back to my skinniest again. It made me realise how I love to be skinny and having a good figure just makes you happy and confident. I love hourglass figures, though I have always wanted to have a body like Jlo and Kim. Now I have learned to love my skinny body. I also didn't mention that I have a very fast metabolism, so it will be different with everyone. I can eat bad food, but will loose it very fast and when I eat very healthy, I see my body changes straight away and my stomach is super flat. 

At the moment I'm eating whatever I want and I actually haven't been in the gym for quite some time!, and surprise surprise! I haven't put on any weight, and that's because I don't even think about it, not stressing about it is the best solution!  
I do have to start eating slightly healthy now though, because it really makes me feel better and of course I don't like the idea of putting on weight. My only time when I can put on weight again, is when I'm going to be pregnant! 

I'm very into my foods!, if you follow my snapchat ( laurabadura ) you know what I mean! :) but if you can, always try and go for healthy options. It will make you feel and look good, and that's very important. Lately I've been drinking the Protein World Slender Blend protein shake. It's absolutely amazing for loosing weight and keeping it under control. It's great for building muscles and just overall healthy. I drink it because I'm trying to build muscles, and so far I love it, I highly recommend it!, and also it tastes great, not like some other protein shakes! 

I have some routines I do as well. One of them is drinking water with lemon in the morning or having a detox tea. I really love 'Tiny Tea' and also I heard good things about 'Skinny Bunny' Tea. I love drinking water with lemon, it really cleanses my system and has tons of good benefits. Drinking Water is one of the most important things in loosing weight and beeing heathy. I'm probably the worst person to tell you that as I don't drink even half as much as I should!, but I always try!  

I do want to tone my body more and build some muscle. My body is nowhere near perfect!, it's skinny but it's 'soft skinny' that's how I call it. I need to build some muscle and tone up a bit. I will make this my priority this year. 
People think I might be happy with my body, but there are things everyone want to change, for example my boobs are quite small, I always wear push up bras, so people actually think they are big! I know it's not that great, but it makes me feel better and so I do it. I would like to have bigger boobs so I can wear more clothes like backless dresses or low cut tops and ditch all those push up bras, which sometimes drives me crazy!, but I would be seriously too scared to have a boob job! I might do it one day!, who knows, I will let you all know and share it with you if I do!, as I don't think it's right to deny stuff. We are all here to help each other and share our stories! (Ps. I wear Victoria secret push up bras by the way, they are my favorites!)

Here is a quick re-cap of things to keep in mind when trying to loose weight or have a more healthy lifestyle!

1. Do it for yourself! 
2. Don't stress about it!
3. Drink lots of water!
4. Avoid alcohol!
5. Eat carbs in moderation.
6. Exercise regulary.
7. Eat smaller portions - few times a day rather than two/three huge meals.
8. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. 
9. Find a workout buddy!, it's alwasy more fun to workout with a friend!
10. Get enough sleep.
11. Cut out on procesed food and high saturated fat foods.
12. Cut on sugars, juices with high sugar intake.
13. Eat slowly and chew properly so you won't have upset stomach, and your food will digest well.
14.  Try to eat your last meal early in the evening rather than at 11pm or 12am.
15. Eat lots of proteins. (eggs, chicken, fish, lean meat)
16. Don't diet! Eat healthy instead.  
17. Don't skip breakfast, that's the most important meal of the day!
Wow!! that's a long post! I hope I didn't bore you! and I hope that you all got some helpful tips! Just remember always be happy in your own skin and do whatever makes you happy, don't look at other people too much! and wish you look like them, work with what you got, everyone is different!, but everyone is beautiful in their own way!


Roderick said...

Great posted!

by the way i see in some older topics that you like to wear skinnny jeans is the climate ok for those? anyway your outfits are always diffirent and exciting

great :)

Unknown said...

This is a great articl thank you for sharing,anyway I love your posts, you are amazing :-)

Unknown said...

Great post Laura!
I have been waiting for this post for a long time.
Thanks for sharing your routine about how you get so nice body.
P.S. Love your blog and IG account, your photos are great!

Thank you

Unknown said...

Great post Laura!!

I have been waiting this post for a long lime. Thanks for sharing your routine about how you get that beautiful body.
P.S. Like your blog and your IG account, your pictures are great!

Thank you

Unknown said...

Great post Laura!
I have been waiting for this post for a long time.
Thanks for sharing your routine about how you get so nice body.
P.S. Love your blog and IG account, your photos are great!

Thank you

Unknown said...

This was so honest and an overall great post! I think you look amazing, and nowhere near anorexic. I used to have this issue when I was younger and people thought the same thing! It was usually the overweight girls that used the mean words. I also got my breasts done and I can not be happier! It was not scary at all, I was in n out, barely remember the first few days and it was almost painless. If you have any questions or want to talk about it send me an email :)

ivy said...

Great post Laura, your body is my #goal you look absolutely amazing, don't let anyone tell you different. Lots of greetings, Eva

Avaanya said...

Am a 17 year old girl ... and i love the way you are ,can you advise me how can i take care of my body and my hairs ... bdw you are very beautiful ...

Unknown said...

Hi I just started following tiffany rothe waist workout n it amazing ty so much.... luv u ... ty for sharing:*:*


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