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Hi everyone! 

It's been quite some time since I did my last hair post! Since then my products have changed quite a lot and I've also been using a different hair colour, so here is a quick update!...

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

If you saw my previous post ( here ) you will know my hair is all natural and I've had it long all my life! Lately I've been cutting it a lot!, to get rid of my split ends and to make my hair thicker! I actually cut it now every month or two and I cut about 3 - 4 inches and now my hair is seriously thicker and in a better condition! It grows crazy fast though! If you check my regular fashion posts and look back at the pictures of my hair, you will probably even notice that it really got much thicker! My hair feels much healthier that way and it looks better too! - rather than this skinny point of hair at the end! ;) Here is a picture of how my hair looks now and also a comparison picture of how it looked before!.....

I change my shampoo and conditioner very often! I just like to try new things and I always hope I can find a better product! For the last two months I've been using a new line that just came to Boots stores, called Salon Science! I knew I had to try it as it looked quite interesting. The price is quite high for a shampoo from Boots, but I got it and I actually really like it!......

I don't know if any of you have noticed how my hair has been going crazy at the top of my head on all my fashion pictures?!, but I've actually had that problem for a long long time now! and it's been seriously annoying, as I have to apply a ton of hair spray on top of my head straight away, after I wash it! Well the Salon Science shampoo and conditioner have calmed this area down and I'm happy to say that I don't have that problem anymore! 

Well I do also use a tamer sometimes to get some individual hairs smooth!, but overall this duo doesn't give me that bushy, standing hair at the top of my head! My hair is not really frizzy, but I've been growing 'baby hair' and I think that's why I had that problem! They are still there and I'm waiting for them to grow out a bit, but so far I really love this shampoo and conditioner for that specific reason! 

The line I chose is for repair and radiance, it says that it instantly repairs and strengthens the hair, helps prevent colour loss and reduces breakage. Well that claim definitely sold me!, but I don't really know if it does all that! I'm actually very hard to please when it comes to hair products. I feel like they all say the same thing, but in reality they don't really do anything!, well at least I can't see it! They do give you softer hair and all that, but there is not a product that will really make your hair suddenly healthy, if it's all in split ends! - right!? 
Anyway back to the shampoo and conditioner, I do like the smell they have, it's very classic and pleasant, you only need a small amount of the product, as it's very foamy and thick. Overall I do quite like this line, but having said that I'm probably going to get a different shampoo to try next, as I get easily bored! ;)

I also didn't mention the serum that comes with the line! I've been using this on my damp hair every time, and it supposed to help to repair dry and split ends and make your hair softer and smoother! I do see a difference in the ends because I've been cutting them a lot! and I do like this product as it has a nice silky texture and it's not greasy. I only been using this for 2 months so I can't really tell how my hair is reacting to it! I will update you in the near future with my thoughts! I feel like you need to use a product for quite some time to actually give a good verdict on it!

For my hair colour I've been using the most perfect brown colour that doesn't make your hair look black when you fist dye it! It's perfect! It's the non permanent hair dye from Loreal! It's called Casting Creme Gloss in Iced Truffle! My favourite colour ever!

It has no ammonia which means that it doesn't damage your hair so much and it has that cool undertone, so it's not going to look orange or red after you wash it a few times! It's seriously a beautiful colour! The only downside is the fact that it does wash out quite fast and I'm ending up with very light looking roots quite quickly which makes me want to re-dye my hair like every two weeks!!

The thing is I did dye my hair last year for a shoot with a permanent hair die, it was a super dark colour so it's still there on my hair and so when I die my hair with this hair dye, it only really fades at the top! So what I've been doing is dying my roots only every three weeks and then dying my full head every two months or so, as they are dark anyway! I do like to dye my full head as it makes my hair so soft and shiny and I love that feeling!, but I'm doing only my roots lately and it looks good!

Having your hair grow so fast is one thing, but having to dye it so often is really a pain!! I know when you look through my pictures I have some extreme roots on show and I know it's gross!, but then I didn't really wanted to dye my hair so often! I didn't do roots touch ups because I thought they wouldn't match with my full length of hair!, but I've learned I can't get away with that now! and so I'm doing it more often! and when I do have bad fade on the roots, I just cut the very top of my head out from the picture!! ;) I might start using a permanent hair die for roots as it's not going to fade so quick or I might even mix it! I will experiment and let you all know how it goes!

And for those of you wondering! - no!! - I still don't trust hairdressers with my hair to be honest! -  I like to do my own hair and have control over it! and it's cheaper that way!! For my roots I only use one hair dye and for my full head I get three boxes of hair dye and it's perfect!


Anonymous said...

Very informative post :) i have same hair color,where do you buy the loreal dye here in dubai? I couldnt find it

Unknown said...

Thank you! I get it in big Carrefour! Last time i got it in Mirdiff City Centre and they have it there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply :D

Angelina said...

Hi Laura, thanks for sharing your beauty tips, I'm always following your blog, My question is, what kind of permanent dye you use?

I love all your beauty tips and fashion. You're the best, my Idol <3

Kisses from Panamá. :)

Angelina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fashion Petite said...

Your hair looks amazing!
Love Lynda

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! Thank you for the post! Do you take any vitamins or supplements for your hair growth? Mine will not grow!!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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