Hi everyone!

Today i wanted to make a beauty post, as i have done so many fashion ones lately ;)

This post is going to be all about my hair! 
I get so many people asking me what products I use , such as : how i grow my hair, what colour is my hair, how to keep it healthy etc. So i thought i would share all these things with you and tell you how i take care of my hair and what products i use on my hair!

So let's start off with saying that my hair has always been long....for as long i remember!!...Pretty much all my life!...and i will also say that my hair is not really that healthy! It might look it!, but trust me i have sooo many split ends... its crazy!! I'm having trims every 2 months or so and it still ends up splitting!, even though I'm cutting it a lot!, about 3 inches at least! 
I also cut my split ends individually, when i have some free time because my split ends are basically all over my hair, not only the ends!

Obviously i try to prevent my hair from splitting even more, with the products i use!
Here are my current top favourites....

My favourite shampoo and conditioner at the moment is the Kerastase Resistance line. 
These are for damaged lengths and for split ends. I think these are great if you really want to invest in a good hair product. I really like the way they make my hair feel, and they smell really nice too! I haven't used them for very long, so i'm not sure whether they do what they are supposed to do!, but we will see. 
As first impressions go, i really like them! 
Another product from that line is the fibre architecte serum for damaged lengths and split ends. I absolutely love this product! If you have lots of split ends like me then this will make them dissaper instantly. This is a serum that you use with a hair straightener and it seals your split ends. It's basically like a styling product you put on dry hair and then straighten over it. Your hair will look very shiny and very healthy. It's a great product if you going to any special occasion or to a party and if you want your hair to look extra beautiful. It's a definite must have for me!  

My absolute favourite drugstore shampoo and conditioner is definitely Charles Worthington moisture seal. I tried so many different brands from drugstores, but nothing compares to this. This shampoo and conditioner is ideal for dry and damaged hair. Your hair will look so healthy and shiny and also it will be so easy to manage and to untangle. These two products will give you super soft hair and i never had that with any other drugstore brands. I highly recommend trying this out. I saw a massive difference after just the first use. Plus the smell of this is just amazing!

I try and deep condition my hair at least once every two weeks or so. My favourite deep conditioner/masque is definitely the one from Macadamia natural oil. Again its for dry, damaged hair ;) and i absolutely cant live without this product! This is by far the best masque i have ever used! It smells gorgeous and your hair will smell beautiful for days! Every time i use this product i see a massive difference with how soft my hair is and how shiny it looks. I love it !   

When it comes to hair oils I'm very picky! and i hate the ones that give me greasy hair. I have two favourites that i use regularly. My first is the one from Kerastase elixir ultime beautifying oil. This has really amazing ingredients and it's also very light, which i love, because my hair doesn't look greasy. This oil is for damaged hair, but they also have the original one for normal hair, which i want to try as well! I really love how silky it is and how shiny my hair looks after i use it. 

My second oil that i use a lot is Macadamia healing oil. It's for all hair types and is also non greasy...and it smells amazing!, i just love it! It gives my hair a nice shine and softens it so well. 

My favourite heat defense spray is the Charles Worthington strength and repair spray. It gives my hair complete protection and it ads shine and moisture to my hair!, so i absolutely love it and it's another product which smells lovely so that's a good thing!. I also like to use the one from Tresemme. 

For more of an intense treatment and deep conditioning to my hair, i like to use coconut oil, Shea butter, pure argan oil and also extra virgin olive oil. These oils will make your hair very greasy, but also very soft and shiny. I really like using them as my deep conditioner. 
Sometimes i use them over night and then i wash my hair in the morning, or i will put any of these oils in and i will leave on my hair for few hours before washing. This method will really help with damaged hair and it will give you super gorgeous hair! My favourite of all of these, has to be the coconut oil, as i use it for lots of different purposes. The best one is the 100% raw extra virgin coconut oil.   

I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days. Washing your hair too often can damage it. My hair tends to get a bit greasy, but i will use a dry shampoo and then I'm good :) If you really want to grow out your hair, then i highly recommend talking Biotin. I started talking Biotin because i had major hair fall and it really helped me a lot. After only 3 weeks of talking, i saw a huge difference with my hair fall. Biotin is truly amazing for your hair! I'm talking it every day and my hair is growing even faster. It's also great for your skin!  

If you want your hair in great healthy condition, i would suggest cutting on heat tools. I personally don't use heat styling products that often. My hair is naturally straight and if i want to make curls, they tend to go flat after 10 minutes!, so i don't really use them. I do use a hairdrier, but on a very low setting. I also use my ghd hair straightener sometimes, when i want my hair to look extra straight and silky, but i always make sure to use a heat protection spray. 

Another thing to remember is not to brush your hair while it is wet, because that can really cause a lot of damage. I'm never doing that and I'm also very particular when it comes to what kind of hair brush i use. Using very harsh brushes can cause a lot of breakage. Here are my favourite brushes to use... 

I like using this natural hair bristle brush from Kent for brushing out dry shampoo and smoothing out my hair. For detangling my hair, i use this amazing brush from elite professional. I love this brush so much i can't go anywhere without it!, its just amazing how easy it detangles your hair and how gentle it is. It has very thin and long bristles i absolutely love it!. I actually got another one in black, because i love it so much. I also like to use this wide tooth comb for brushing my hair and the small comb for teasing and sectioning the hair. I'm very crazy when it comes to hair brushes!!, i have almost every style there is but those two I just mentioned, are my must haves! 

Hair ties are another important product when it comes to maintaining healthy hair care. When you are at home, or have your hair tied back while sleeping, i recommend using the scrunchy type hair ties, rather then the tight hair bands, which are very damaging for your hair.

Ok lets talk a little bit about my hair colour!   

My natural hair colour is actually dark blonde, so i have to dye my hair regularly because otherwise i have grey looking roots. I'm always using non permanent hair dye, since it's better for your hair and most of the time I'm doing it at home because i don't trust anyone to do my hair, as it seems like it never turns out to be exactly how i want it!
About a week ago i actually had my roots touched up and i went to a salon for that..and i dont like it! In the sun my hair looks ginger/yellow/red...Oh well.. 
It's ok in normal light though! But next time I'm dying my hair at home! 
I usually dye it every 2 to 3 months and when I do, I love using Loreal casting creme gloss. 
The recent one i used was Light Brown 600. When using dye from the box i always chose lighter colours, because they are still going to be dark after applying. For example, if i would chose dark brown my hair would look black!! and i don't want that!. I like medium browns. 

This is how my hair looks at the moment ...

and below is a picture of when i dyed my hair with Loreal casting creme gloss in Light Brown 600...

Hope you all liked this post!....and hope you stay tuned for more beauty and makeup posts!
Laura x

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You use hair dryer or hair straightener?


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