Shiffa Sweetness Body Scrub - Review

Hi everyone!

I love body scrubs and I'm always on the look out to find the best one! Today I wanted to review the Shiffa Sweetness Body Scrub, which I have been loving recently!

I love very strong scrubs, that do the work they are supposed to do properly! I don't like the ones that dissolve so fast and after 5 seconds you are basically done scrubbing! - if you know what I mean!! ;) but I also don't like scrubs that are too harsh! - like salt based ones for example.

This is probably the first sugar based scrub that I've tried, which doesn't really dissolve so fast. It's quite amazing! It has great ingredients such as aloe vera, rosemary, almond oil and coconut oil, that makes the skin silky soft! 
The thing I don't particularly like about this scrub is sadly the smell of it! Although I'm getting used to it now! It's definitely 'not my cup of tea' type of smell! - it's quite strong! 
This scrub is very oily and so I usually use it first and then I follow with the shower gel and I'm left with perfect skin that has just the right amount of glow and moisture to it! If you don't mind the 'oily feel' and your skin is quite dry, you can use it after your shower gel and your skin won't even need a moisturizer! - it's that good!

This product separates because of its oil contents (as you can see on the picture below) - which is a little sad!, so you do have to mix it very well before every use!, but it's based out of natural products, so it's bound to do that!
Overall I highly recommend it! Smell it and if it's your kind of scent, then you will fall in love! and even though the smell bothers me a little, I still love it!, as it's a great great product! Who knows I might even love the smell one day!;)
You can get it at Sephora here in Dubai.

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

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