Get Skinny Body Contour at Talise Spa - Review

Hi everyone!

A while ago I visited the Talise Spa at Madinat Jumierah, here in Dubai. I tried the ''Get Skinny Body Contour" treatment as I've never tried a body wrap before and the name totally sold me! :) The treatment lasts 90 minutes and it is said to give your body a quick 'pick me up' toning session, remove your toxins and bloating. Just an overall great feeling!

I haven't been on the best food routine lately, I have to say!, so this was a great way to 'un-bloat' me and make me feel light again! Especially in my middle section! 

I love going to spas! Before every treatment you get to enjoy the facilities, dip in the plunge pool and go to the sauna and steam room! I didn't get much of that though!, because of course I was taking pictures and the lady for my treatment was waiting for me! 

The spa itself has around 26 private rooms for treatments. We went outside to my room, it was lovely! I felt like I was on holiday! The Talise spa is really big and it has a very beautiful outside pool as well! 

My treatment began with a lovely full body scrub. Each room has it's own shower, so you shower during the process and after my body scrub I had a mask put on that smelt like lemon grass! Actually everything smelt like lemon grass and everything was pure and made with amazing ingredients! 
My mask was on for about 20 minutes while I was wrapped in foil and towels. The bed was heated so the mask could work it's magic! I felt super comfy and warm!. While that was happening I got a nice head massage, which didn't give me headache!, so I was happy!!  After my mask I went to the shower to wash it all of, then I had a contour gel put all over my body. 
That's how my treatment ended! I finished off with some nice ginger tea and some dates to eat in a resting room.

I felt really nice and smooth! Although the contour gel wasn't very moisturizing, so my body felt a little dry after a few hours, but your are supposed to leave the contour gel on for the rest of the day, for it to work! I did feel the difference in my body though!, as it was definitely looking a bit more toned and slimmer! I really enjoyed it and it's great treatment to have before an event or a important day! 

Thanks for checking.

Laura x

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