Friday Fragrance - 212 VIP Carolina Herrera

Hi everyone!

I find what perfumes are actually composed of quite fascinating! It actually makes me love them even more! Usually when you read what notes they have, you're super surprised!, but then it all clicks! I found that with this particular fragrance - 212 VIP from Carolina Herrera. This fragrance has been my favourite for a long time now! and every time I wear it I feel powerful and sexy! I didn't actually include it in my 'Top 5 Fragrances', which I posted here on my blog before, because I wanted to review it individually! It is without doubt one of my top fragrances, especially when it comes to evening fragrances. It's just so classic and sophisticated! It's very sweet and a little bit musky. This fragrance was inspired by the energetic life of New York! - the city that never sleeps! Young, stylish and modern people! and I couldn't agree more!

212 VIP and the original Roberto Cavalli are my two top perfumes for a night out! This scent has everything I love in a fragrance! It's sweet, sexy, mature, it has a gold bottle and it even has my favourite number in the name which is '2' - not to mention having Rum in it's notes! - which is my all time favourite drink!:D 

It has Vanilla and Tonka Bean as it's base notes. Musk and Gradenia as the middle notes and Passion-fruit and Rum as the main notes! - which I can very much smell! and which makes me love this perfume unconditionally! I'm running out of it quite soon and it's definitely one that I will repurchase over and over again! 
The scent is very long lasting, which is a 'must' for an evening perfume! 

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

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