Friday Fragrance - Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold

Hi everyone!

For this week's fragrance I have something very different! This is a very strong oriental scent which I'm not really used to. I love my sweet, floral and fresh fragrances! Oud / Arabic scents usually give me a headache!, but this one surprisingly doesn't which is why I really like it!

It's very warm and spicy, quite masculine and woody. I would love this for Christmas season as it's great for colder weather and just reminds me of Christmas somehow! The main note is Cinnamon which is why it has that feel. Middle note is Black Orchid and base note is Sandalwood.

The lasting of this perfume is super long! and when it sets it has that very sweet sensual, mysterious feel, that's why I really enjoy it! 

When it comes to the bottle I love the gold, but it's a bit too long for me and bulky. It kind of drives me crazy on my perfume tray and also it's very heavy so not very practical to travel with! But other than that, I love it!

Thanks for checking.
Laura x 

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