Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - Review

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do a quick review on the New Benefit mascara - Roller Lash!
I got it recently and I have been using quite a lot. I must say I really like it! My lashes have been the worst they've ever been! Seriously I never had such short, sparse lashes before!. It's all due to wearing fake lashes almost everyday, I'm just addicted that's all I can say and I can't stop wearing them! I literally have no natural lashes now! - and no! - these lash serum growth things don't work on me. Trust me, I've tried them!

Anyway having said that, I still see a clear difference when I apply the mascara! It definitely curls the lashes and gives them a nice lift! However, when it comes to volume, you do have to put at least two coats to get it nice and thick. I really like the Hook 'n' Roll brush design, it grabs and separates the hairs really nicely while giving a great lift! - it's not too big which makes it nice and easy to apply, and it's perfect for lower lash line.  
When I first tried the mascara I thought I liked it much more than 'They're Real', now I actually can't decide which one I like more! They are both good for their own reasons. If you want a nice lift and curl then go for this one and if you need more volume and length then 'They're Real' would be great. Or you could actually use them both and they will give you excellent results. Personally I always like to use lash serum / primer before, which gives a nice volume and extra length. I love the one from Dior! I will do a separate post on that and my favourite mascaras soon!

Overall I love this mascara and it does work! I actually don't use a lash curler because I'm too lazy to do so!, so this is a great way to get a nice curl without  use of it! Oh and I love the packaging!, it's so cute!

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

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