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If you follow my blog, you will know that I'm a big fan of shiny glowing legs! I recently got the Bathina Body Oil from Benefit and I've been obsessed with it! I also have the original Body Balm, so I thought I would review them together as they are pretty similar! They both give you gorgeous legs and body that's for sure!.......

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Bathina "soft to touch...hard to get" silky & seductive body oil mist! 

This gorgeous body oil gives you the most beautiful glow, without being greasy! It's supper silky and it absorbs into your skin super fast! I love the fact that you can apply it all over your body and you don't feel that tacky greasy residue! I still like to use the Garnier Beauty Oil, but it's a little bit heavier and I only use it on my legs, as for the whole body, I can't stand it! 
This oil includes sweet almond, olive oil, avocado oil and Vitamin E which is amazing for that soft beautiful skin!
Probably my most favourite thing about this oil is the smell! I literally have this on my counter and smell it every 5 minutes! I remember when I first got the Body Balm I was super obsessed with the smell and I always said - 'oh I wish I had a perfume like that!' Funnily enough I recently just found out that they have a body mist from that collection, and I'm praying they have it here in Dubai as I want to get it right now! I don't know how to describe this smell but it's just so pleasant and sexy and seductive! I feel like when I use any of those two products I'm in a better mood! They are amazing! Above is a picture I took of my legs after applying the oil! I highly recommend trying it out or at least smell it when you pass by Benefit! 

Bathina "take a lasts longer..." silky glimmering body balm! 
This was the first product I got and I've been loving it ever since! It has the most beautiful golden - pink sheen! I love to use this on my chest, arms and shoulders, but I do like it for legs too! The only thing is that you have to apply it with the puff and it takes a bit of time to really blend it in nicely! This Balm is very sheer and it doesn't leave any marks on your clothes which I really like! It also smells the same as the body oil and I just love that! The scent actually lasts for a very long time! Overall if you want that sexy glow on your body, then I suggest you try either of these two products and you will fall in love! The body oil is definitely my favourite oil so far! and I really love the packaging, it's super cute! 

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Unknown said...

I've been wanting to try both of these for awhile now. I'm quite pale though so I'm not sure how the "glow" would make me look.


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