My Updated Skin Care Routine

Hi everyone!

It's been quite a while since I did a skin care update. My routine has actually changed quite a bit!, not because I didn't like the products I was using before, but because I love to try new things! - If you want to check my previews post just click here.
At the moment I'm very happy with my skin care and here's what I use on a daily basis and I absolutely love it! 

Thanks for checking.
Laura x


My evening routine has changed a lot compared to my previews one! My makeup removal it's still the same, I love using Bioderma to take off my eye makeup as well as Nivea wipes. 
I also now switched to Clarisonic and I love it! I prefer it much more to the Philips VisaPure brush ( You can check my comparison of these devices here
I still love to use my Philosophy purity cleanser with it, but recently I've been using The Shiseido Ibuki gentle cleanser. I have to say a little goes a long way with this! it's very soapy and it does sting your eyes which is a down side!, but it makes my skin very soft and it removes excess sebum without stripping away any essential skin oils.
I then follow with a toner and I've been using the Shiseido Pureness toner which is alcohol free and for blemish prone skin. 
For my eye cream I started using the Shiseido Ibuki eye correcting cream which is great for puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. It is meant for women in their early 20's which is great. 
I then use my La Roshce Posay Effaclar Duo on my problem areas such as forehead and chin, if I have any blemishes. (review here )
Finally I follow with my moisturizer and I've been using Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer. I have to say I'm totally loving this moisturizer! - it's very light, it has great texture and it does wonders for your skin! It is supposed to help with uneven skin, pores, breakouts / blemish marks and skin roughness, as well as the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness. It makes my skin amazingly soft and hydrated. It is great for all skin types which is amazing. I have combination skin and it works great for me.
My skin has never felt this good!

I absolutely love the way this line smells by the way! It has that very luxurious and comforting scent!


My Morning routine is very simple!! - I wash my face in the morning with this amazing Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser by Origins. It has a minty smell and it's perfect for the morning to make your skin feel fresh and clean. It reduces shine and it minimizes the appearance of pores. 
I then follow with my Ginzing Moisturizer by Origins. This is a perfect morning cream! it's energy boosting, very hydrating and great underneath makeup. This is my third tub! - I totally love it! It smells like Oranges and it wakes me up! 
I also use Ren T-Zone balancing gel cream. I like using this on my forehead and nose only. It makes me matte all day I absolutely adore it! This product doesn't smell as nice though. 
I also still use the Chanel sunscreen in 30 SPF, if I'm going to be in the sun. 

Extra Care

I do take extra care of my skin. I use different masks once a week like Glam Glow, I still use the white one when I have breakouts, but lately I've been using the blue one - it makes my skin so soft and I just love the smell ( Full review can be found  here).
I also love using Biore warming anti blackhead cleanser. I use this few times a week after my regular cleansing. It has scrubbing micro beads that warm up and open up the pores and help stop blackheads from coming. It is oil free and it cleans off dirt and excess oil. It smells very fresh, I love this product. I also use their nose strips to get rid of blackheads. Nose strips are just great!
I like to use face self tanner from time to time, as I don't sunbathe my face, and sometimes I need to match my face when I don't wear makeup! I was using Clarins self tanner before, but I don't like it anymore really, as it washes off after one time! This Xen-Tan Face self tanner in Medium / Dark stays on a bit longer. It is very strong!, so you need to be careful and use only a small amount. It smells very strong though, just like cookies! ;) I will do a full review of it soon on my blog, so look out for that! 

This is pretty much my skin care routine at the moment! I have some other extra products that I like using as well, but I will review them separately in future posts.


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