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Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to do a post about my brows for a very long time! I was just never completely happy with them! and I was figuring out how I should do it! Well finally here it is! My brows are still not as perfect as I want them to be!, but oh well, I don't think they'll ever be!

Brows in my opinion are one of the most important parts of your face, they really play a huge part in your overall appearance and they have to be appropriate to your face shape. They frame your face and they make you look good, or in some cases they can ruin your looks! (me before!)
I've had some very crazy brows over the years and when I look back I seriously don't know what I was thinking! I bet lots of you had this is the past too! I had thin, 'draw on' brows, too short and round ones and recently I actually had too thick ones! I'm attaching some photos at the end of the post so you can see how many different brow types I have had! It's quite dramatic! ;)

At the moment I'm quite happy with how they look.They are still quite thick, but I like bold brows. I've had always thick brows, even as a child and they grow very fast, so it's easy for me to get them thick. I don't use any product on them or any oil, I'm too lazy to be applying that every day! But I recommend using either castor oil, coconut oil, or olive oil to help them grow faster and be stronger. 

I do not wax or thread my brows, I never did! I can't really trust anyone to do them as I don't want to end up having them thin again. I usually just pluck them few times a week at home and cut the top part. I'm one of those brow freaks who is scared to let anyone near them. I've always been quite obsessed with my brows, I think lots of people are. 

At the moment I try to keep them as natural as possible and I don't even fill in the front part. I was doing this in the past, because my brows were different so I had to make them look similar. They are still not exactly the same though! - one is slightly higher and shorter than the other. I guess they won't ever be the totally the same! 
Below I filled them in, as I would if I'm wearing a full face of makeup. They look very bold, but I decided to keep my makeup minimal on the pictures to make them stand out! and show you guys properly. If I wear only mascara, then I only fill in the outer parts, or use fiber gel.

One of the things that I have learned about filing in brows, is to use powder instead of pencil. Pencils tend to be very hard and when you apply them, brow hairs can fall out. I was using pencil in the past always and I had thin brows and they never wanted to grow, but when I switched to powder they started getting thicker. Also powders give a more natural look!

Below are all before and after pictures and quick pictorial about how I fill in my brows. 

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

BEFORE (No product)


1. I start filling my brows from the top of my brow to the tail. This is where my hair doesn't want to grow and some of the hairs are missing. I then lightly fill in the middle part. I try to avoid the front part, so as to leave it as natural as possible, but if I have some missing hair, I go over with a brush slightly. For that I use my all time favourite brow powder from Benefit - Brow Zing in Medium. I've been using this for more than a year now and I love it! The colour is prefect, it stays in place and it doesn't budge. The brush that I'm using is from Sigma E75.
I also like to go over the brows with a spooly to get rid of excess product and soften it a little. I use the one from Bdellium tools nr 733.  
2. I then highlight my brow bone and clean up the edges of my brows. For this I love using Benefit High Brow Pencil and Kiko Hihilighter Pencil Duo. I simply draw a line underneath my brow and blend it in with a Mac 195 brush. This is a concealer brush but it's perfect for that. On the pictorial above I use Kiko highlighting pen. I actually like it a little bit more than the Benefit one as it's more yellow toned and the Benefit pencil has light pink colour and it stands out a bit more. 

3. Last of all I use Mac Clear Brow Gel to set everything in place. I really like this gel as it's very strong and your brows do not move throughout the day. I also really like the brush, it's quite small and easy to apply the product. For the days when I don't wear a lot of makeup I like to use Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium. It has fibers inside as well as medium brown colour to fill in your brows and keep them natural at the same time. I love it!  




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Anonymous said...

Great post Laura! I can totally relate! Looking back over the years my brows also went through a lot of dramatic changes! Your brows now are on fleek! Keep doing you boo! Much love all the way from Anaheim, California! :)


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