Clarisonic Mia 2 V Philips VisaPure Brush

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As some of you might know I love skincare and anything to do with beauty. I always want my skin perfect so today I wanted to give you a comparison and a little review of the two tools I've been using and which one I prefer.
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I wear makeup very often so for me it's a must to deep clean my skin and get rid of everything. 
I knew about Clarisonic for a very long time as everybody talks about it but I wasn't sure if I would break out from it. So I passed on it and I didn't get. Then Philips VisaPure came out and I just loved the way it looked, very sleek and posh, I wanted to try it!
So I got that more than a year ago. I loved it! After first use my skin felt amazing, it was so clean and it felt just like a new skin! I was using it pretty much everyday, and I always had the sensitive head brush on as it's very soft and I wanted to be gentle for my skin. This brush is said to clean your face 10x times better than your hands.I agree with that, it cleans your skin amazingly, leaving it very soft and smooth. This brush rotates and it has a 1 minute timer! In addition to that it's also waterproof and it has two speeds. Having said all that I actually prefer Clarisonic way better!! Here is why........    

I got Clarisonic Mia 2 a few months ago and I absolutely love it!! When I first used it I saw such a difference in my skin and it felt so much better then using the Philips brush. Clarisonic has this special sonic system that pulses and it's sooo different to the Philips Brush!! It actually can improve your skin texture, scaring, skin tone, pores as well as cleaning your skin and making it baby soft and ready for your moisturizer. It also has two speeds and it's waterproof.To be honest I prefer the design of Clarisonic much more, it has a bigger brush head and it's much easier to hold. They both have the same weight though.

When I started using Clarisonic I used it with the sensitive brush, but I've just switched to the Cashmere cleanse luxe brush as it's extremely soft and I feel like it's not too harsh to use everyday! I love it! I have very acne prone skin so I don't want to break out from using the regular sensitive brush as it's not that soft! You can see the difference on the pictures, the Cashmere brush is much taller and slightly different. I did have some breaks between using the brush as I had some acne and I didn't want it to spread anymore. But I'm happy to say this device really changed my skin and it's incredible.   

Overall Clarisonic is much better in my opinion. It is cheaper, it does works better at cleaning and making your skin amazing, and the Philips brush just rotates!, so for that prize I don't know what I was thinking getting that! You can get the same result with a muslin cloth probably. I highly recommend trying it out!

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Bee said...

Thank God for your blog. it seems you and I have the same type of skin. Yoou've really helped me shed light on a lot of things. Thank u sooooo much *hugs*


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