Make Up Eraser - Does It Really Work?

Hi everyone!

Recently I got the Make Up Eraser cloth. I just tried it! so I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you!

This cloth is supposed to remove all the makeup including eye makeup, waterproof mascara and anything that's long lasting, with only warm water!
It is chemical free, machine washable and great for sensitive skin. 

Now on to my review!...

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

This cloth is so soft, it's incredible!, I love the size of it and the pink colour! It has two sides, one has short ''hair'' to remove the makeup and the other side has longer to exfoliate. I think that's very cool. 
I dampened mine with warm water and began to take off all the makeup. I must say I was impressed at the beginning! - eeverything slid off beautifully, however when I went to remove my eye makeup, that's where I questioned myself! You really have to work it to remove all off! I think it's amazing for the base, but when it comes to the eyes, I really prefer my pads with Bioderma because they remove pretty much everything with one swipe! With this I had to really pull on my eyes to get rid of everything and it took longer than my usual routine. 

For my base I think it's amazing. I love the fact that it's so soft and gentle. I use cloths to take off my makeup when I don't use Clarisonic, so I think this is a great higher quality version and removable method without using any products or additional wet wipes. When it comes to removing the eye makeup it does work, but it takes some time to really do it properly. 

Overall I'm glad I got it and it's really great for when you don't want to use other products. It's also perfect for people with sensitive skin!

If you are interested of where you can get it here in Dubai, I got mine in Pro Makeup store in Oasis Mall! I love this place! You can also get it online.


@StylebyLiz said...

Thanks for the review Laura, was wondering where I could buy it in Dubai

Unknown said...

How much was this eraser for in oasis mall?

Unknown said...

How much was the makeup eraser for in oasis mall?

Ruby said...

Thanks for the write up Laura, was wondering where I could buy it in Europe


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