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Hi everyone! 

Recently I was invited By Cryo Health to come and try out Cryo Facial and Body Cryotherapy. I decided to write about my experience and share with you what it is all about and what the benefits are! 
Below are all the pictures from my treatment and quick review about them. 
Hope you like it and thanks for checking.
Laura x


I actually went on New Year's Eve! so it was perfect to pamper myself and prepare myself to welcome in the New Year! 
I started off with a facial - this was a 10 minute facial that involved high pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors! - which was basically cold air blowing on your face! and when I say cold - I mean very cold!! -140 C. It felt very good and not really that cold! It was very relaxing, I really enjoyed it! and the benefits are even better!!  
This treatment increases production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, allowing it to regain elasticity, which means the skin become smoother and even toned with a considerable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. 
It's like an alternative for botox! because it almost freezes your face! Of course you need to do it regularly to get the best results, but this is truly amazing!
It tightens your skin, it's great for acne, it makes your skin glow and what's so cool about it is that you can have it done with your makeup on!! So if you are in a rush and you need to run errands during the day, then this is a perfect 'on the go' facial! 

They also have other facials like 'Beauty Angel' which uses light technology and is also amazing! I'm definitely going to try it! and it's actually very affordable when compared to other facials! 
This is very popular in Hollywood and it's used by A list celebrities, so I definitely recommend it! My skin felt really good afterwards!


After my facial I went to another treatment room for my Cryotherapy! I must say I was a bit nervous! - being closed in this booth in -140 C!! but I was ok! I needed to wear special socks and gloves! This treatment only lasts for 3 minutes so I survived! ;) 
It felt soo cold inside! like extremely cold!!, but good at the same time! I felt it in my legs the most and I had to move them because it was so cold! 
When it stopped and I walked out of it, it felt sooo good! My body temperature started increasing again and it felt nice and warm! My legs were like ice when I touched them! 
Anyway this body Cryotherapy is seriously good! It helps boost your metabolism, it reduces cellulite and helps with weight loss! It is also amazing for muscle recovery and athletic performance. It promotes anti-inflammatory properties, which decrease soreness in a post-workout state. It actually burns 500 - 1000 calories per session! How amazing is that! I felt sooo good after this treatment! 

I was totally impressed with both of the treatments. The service was amazing! It's very quick and you have immediate results! I'm definitely going to come back and use it regularly.   
If you want to read more about the treatments and menu go to their website here . I went to the one in the Dubai Ladies Club in Jumierah, but they also have a branch in Emirates Towers, which is for guys as well!

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Kim said...

I enjoyed reading about your experience with Cryo. I too am in love with Cryo so much so I'm now working with the UK distributors of several cryo-therapy units like the ones you used. I can offer free demonstrations and training on how to use the units in specific treatments, so please If anyone would like to get In touch I would welcome that gladly. They can contact me at it would be great if when they contact me they say they found me via your blog. Love your blog and wish you all success with the future of it. Please feel free Laura to get in touch! Enjoy your future trips back to that salon too and you go girl and get your freeze on!!


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