My Beach / Pool Bag Essentials

Hi everyone!

One of my favourite things to do in my free time, is going to the beach or to the pool. I just love relaxing in the sun and getting that perfect tan!
Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite things that I like to take with me. 
Hope you like it and thanks for checking. 
Laura x
1. Piz Buin Tan& Protect 6 SPF. My favourite brand of sun protection / tanning oils is definitely Piz Buin. I just love the smell and the silkiness of them. I usually use 6 SPF or 15 SPF, if I want to get that beautiful tan. But if I go to the beach for the whole day I will use a higher protection. I only like using oils on my body rather than creams - I just love that silky look and and it's much quicker with distributing the product, so  you also get better tan that way.

2. Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 30. This product is my holy grail for my face! I don't usually sunbathe my face, but if my face gets in the sun that's what I like to use. It doesn't leave that white thick residue on your face, as its very light, smells amazing and I love how small and compact the bottle is. I also love using this underneath my makeup.

3. Carrot Sun Oil. That's another oil that I love using for tanning. I usually use this when I want to do a quick 30 minute sunbathing session and I want a quick tan. This product is without protection so I only use it for my legs, or I mix it with other oils. It's great for giving you that perfect sun kissed tan.

4. Sunglasses. Of course sunglasses are an absolute must when you go to the beach! I love my Ray Bans so I usually take the green mirrored ones or the gold ones. I also love the blue ones!

5. Hat. A hat for me is one of the most important things. I used to sunbathe my face like crazy - I wasn't using any protection and I would always use the same oil on my face, as I used on my body! Anyway I stopped that more than two years ago when I actually realized just how bad it is for your skin. From then on I never have my face in the sun and I always wear my cap. Of course wearing a cap also protects your hair from sun damage and protects your scalp of course!  I got my cap from Galleries Lafayette - it's really cute and matches with lots of things as its yellow and gold. I know as a result of this, I have a much paler face when compared with my body! but I wear makeup so you cant really tell! But on the days when I don't have makeup on, it does look a bit weird having a white face and brown body!, so I like using self tanner on my face. Currently I use the one from Clarins.

6. Hawaiian Tropic lip gloss 25 SPF/UVB. Lips are also very important to protect while in the sun. I love using this lip gloss from Hawaiian Tropic as it tastes so amazing and it has a high SPF. My lips are not usually in the sun but I still like wearing it - when I'm in the water etc.

7. Evian water spray. This water spray is brilliant! I love it to refresh my face and to cool it down. I tend to be one of these people who gets really hot while in sun!, so this for me, is a must! I love keeping this in my cool bag together with my drinking mineral water, so it's all nice and cold.

8. Beach bag. For my beach bag I love this one from Zara - it's quite big and very comfy to carry. It's white and so it matches with pretty much everything! 

9. Benefit Big Easy in 04. I don't wear makeup when going to the pool or beach, but sometimes when I want to look more decent and cover some imperfections and match my face to my body! - then I love to use Benefit Big Easy BB cream. I love that is has 35 SPF so it has a great protection, plus it's very light and it gives a beautiful matte finish. It covers pretty well I must say!, so it's one of my favourite BB creams out there!

There are other things that I take with me such as : Hair tie, hair clip, mirror, hair brush and of course flip flops! oh and my 'Beats' headphones!!, but these were just my top things I love using and that are part of my beach / pool routine! ;)   

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