Dior Star Foundation Review

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do a review of the Dior Star foundation. I've had it for a while now, but I actually haven't been using it that much. The reason why is the colour!

I got this foundation in the same colour as I had my Dior Nude, which is 031. I swatched it in the shop and it looked kind of similar. When I got home and applied it to my face, I was like whoaaa! that's some yellow/ orange look!! Totally the wrong shade! The colour actually changes a lot when it sets on the skin. You can see on the swatches I did below. 

So my choice of colour was a fail!, but I might try it in the shade 030, although I didn't really like how it looked!
As for the foundation I think it has great coverage. It has a semi matte finish which I like and smells lovely too. I wasn't really sure about the staying power though! After using my Estee Lauder double wear, nothing can really beat the long lasting effect of that! The other thing that I'm not so keen on is the fact that it has 30 SPF. That might be good for some people, but for me I take soo many pictures daily and it does make your face lighter with flash photography. Especially when it comes to night time pictures! For this reason I prefer 10 or 15 SPF in foundations. 

Overall I think I prefer Dior Nude foundation! To me it's pretty much the same I just like the colour selection much much better and the fact that it has 15 SPF! I will give the other shades a try and I will see how it goes!

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

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