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Hi everyone!

Many of you are often wondering about my nails! so I wanted to do a post about how I take care of them and what I like to use on my nails!

Hope you like it and thanks for checking.
Laura x

Many people don't realise, but my nails are actually natural! and I don't ever use gel or acrylic. I've had long nails for as long as I can remember! In school me and my sister always had problems, for having them so long! I love long nails! they make your fingers look longer and make your hands look very feminine and they are very handy actually! I had a square style before, but now I just can't imagine having them with square tips! I love almond shaped nails they are so 'in' and they look even more sexy in my opinion. 
Sometimes I like them more pointy and sometimes just a little bit rounder. 

Having pointy nails is actually much better if you have problem with constant breaking! I remember when I had square nails they were breaking so often because the side of the nail was wider and therefore less sleek and dynamic and so obviously it would chip far easier if I made any drastic moves! - but now that I have round ( almond ) shaped nails, it is seriously much better! I don't remember when I last broke my nail! 

My nails grow fast! so I guess I'm lucky and I don't need to take any specific vitamins, but if you really want your natural nails to grow then I suggest taking biotin as well as other multi vitamins. There are a lot of them on the market. Drinking a lot of water will also speed up the growth process and also make them more healthy.

Another very important step to take into consideration if you want to have healthier and stronger nails -  is not to go to the salon! - or at least stop using gels, shellac and any other type of varnishes that are damaging for nails!
I remember having acrylic nails at one time in my life and I seriously hated it! They damaged my real nails soo badly! The same goes for shellac! I had it also once and when I had it all removed in a salon - my nails were very thin, very damaged and basically with no life to them! They broke very easily afterwards. I had to wait for quite a while to grow them back. The reason why I don't like going to the salon and having a manicure is that they always seem to file them too much and then they also file down on top of your nail! and that can be very damaging! I prefer to do this at home and I like the fact that I have control over it. If you go to a salon only to put polish, then that's fine, but don't let them file down on top of your nails!

I have to be honest and admit that even though I really love having pretty nails, I'm actually very lazy when it comes to doing my nails!! I hate waiting for the polish to dry! That's why I  tend to do them only once every two weeks or so. If I feel 'fancy', then I'll do it once a week!
A very important thing to do when you don't want to use gel and you want your nails to grow, is to apply several coats! I know it's a pain to do that, but trust me it will make the nails stronger and they wont break so easily. My secret weapon is to use a hardener before I do anything to my nails! I use the Sally Hansen one and she has quite a lot of different types. This truly does make my nails very hard and strong. I then follow with two coats of polish and lastly one coat of the fast dry top coat. My nails stay in good condition for a very long time then, with no chipping or breaking!

If any of my nail do break, I can't just leave it!, I have to cut them all to the same length. This will also prevent nails from breaking if they are all the same length and shape. 
I cut them anyway very often, as they grow very fast and I actually prefer medium size length. Here below, I cut them few days ago as they were getting seriously too long! I first like to cut the tip and then just file the sides to make it pointy.

Now here are the polishes that I use! When it comes to doing my nails, my favourite colour is nude or french. I rotate between those two as they match with everything! I also like red from time to time. My top favourite nude polishes are OPI Samoan Sand, Mac Skin and Maxfactor Desert Sand 25.

If any of my nails break or split in a certain way ( A little bit on the side, not fully ) and it's only a minor break, then I do not cut the whole nail right down! I like to use a special product to repair it. 
This Sally Hansen fill in adhesive and powder is really great for just bonding the broken nail. I apply both of the products and it dries immediately. I love it! An alternative for that is a tea bag! Simply cut off a tiny bit from a tea bag and place it on top of the base coat and then apply another coat of base or top coat on top of it. It works like a plaster! The downside is that it can be seen, but you can file it a little bit, so it blends in more.  


Unknown said...

This is really useful information! I didn't know Sally Hansen made something like that. My nails are prone to chipping and breaking, even though I typically have a healthy diet.

Unknown said...

Oh my! Finally a product in your recommendations that I already use - and it is the Sally Hansen nail hardener! It is indeed a miracle worker. My nails are damaged because of gel lac, so I will take your advice and go for the natural nails. So for the time being they are very thin and fragile but this Sally Hansen wonder they are indeed better!

Anonymous said...

Love ur nails, thought they were fake ones
How do u take care of ur cuticles?

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