Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove - Review

Hi everyone!

Washing your makeup brushes is not always fun is it! I personally don't like doing it. Well Sigma Beauty made it a lot more enjoyable I would say!
Few days ago I received the new Spa Express brush cleaning glove and I must say I'm totally impressed!  
I always wanted to try their original glove, which is like a full on glove, more bulky. They recently made one with two thumbs which is even bigger so I was so happy to see they invented a travel friendly, compact glove which works basically the same! The first time I tried it I was obsessed! It cleans your brushes very well, much better then you would with a bare flat hand, it makes the process faster and just over all more fun! It has two sides so it's reversible, one for face and one for eyes. Which I didn't realized at first! ;)
It has 7 patented textures which include wash, rinse, refine and refine plus for each side. The glove itself is very comfy to wear and it fits very well on my hand. It's supper light as well which is great! It's also designed for left handed people so I can make my boyfriend wash my brushes too! :D

For those of you who own a lot of makeup brushes I would definitely recommend this! I think it's absolutely genius and I don't know how I was living without it! For more info check here.

Thanks for checking.
Laura x

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